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Client Testimonials

"I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Mr. Portlock on a criminal case for my son. Not only is he a professional in all that he is doing for my son, but he is very thorough and detailed, very dedicated to what he is doing. He is letting nothing get in his way of defending him and working in my son’s best interest. He believes in justice for everyone and does his darndest to succeed at that. I would recommend Mr. Portlock’s expertise to anyone who would come in need of a good, confident, thorough attorney in any situation. My son & I are most gracious for his assistance in my son’s case & we want to thank him for coming to our aid, he didn’t have to." Willette F.
"I was very pleased to work with Marc Portlock as my personal injury attorney. His expertise transpired throughout the entire process and my case was successfully handled by a true professional. Marc generously makes himself available to his clients through every means of communication and keeps them informed even on the smallest details surrounding their case. In the end, his client’s best interest is his priority."Wesley L.
"I’ve worked with Marc Portlock for over 5 years now and his service and dedication to his clients is impeccable. He is without a doubt one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys I’ve met. His skill in protecting and litigating for his clients with a skill unprecedented in this field today is absolutely incredible. I would absolutely recommend and have recommended him to many of my colleagues dealing with similar injuries and in need of an excellent representation in their cases. Not only does Marc know exactly how to deal with numerous situations he handles it with a confidence that relieves the anxiety that accompanies the uncertainty of the matter at hand. When Marc is on the case anyone can rest assured he will deal with it promptly and thoroughly for the best interest of his clients. I want the thank Marc for all he has done and continues to do. Absolutely a lawyer you want in your corner."Rich L.
"I had the opportunity to have Marc Portlock as my attorney on my workers' comp claim. He was very professional, very responsive, and worked in my best interest. Initially, I was hesitant to pursue my claim, however, Marc was able to address all my concerns which sway my decision to move forward with him. After a settlement was reached Marc still follow-up to make sure that things were ok. An issue arose, Marc was on top of it - reaching out to the necessary parties to get it resolved. I was extremely happy with his responsiveness & professionalism."Richard C.
"Mr. Portlock is a phenomenal attorney. He is very dedicated to his clients. He goes above and beyond on her behalf for his clients. Mr. Portlock will walk through every step of every procedure every appointment. Mr. Portlock returned our phone calls directly or text message or via email. He stands up for the right thing when it comes to his clients."April M.